Improving my GIS data science workflow by building tools

I set myself to a project of exploring some data sets and to quickly make a choropleth that shows that exploration. When I do that I usually use command line tools like ogrinfo. The project goals were to identify areas where I couldn't find a command line tool to use, and make that tool. I am exploring Minnesota Block Group level Census data in combination with location of educational institutions.

First up, queries that I know how to do:

non-spatial summary statistics on a single table

Min, Max, Avg 2016 Population Estimate for each Block Group in Minnesota

ogrinfo gif

I wondered about population in combination with the distance to the nearest educational institution. I chose Junior Colleges from my data set to be specific. This is where I am missing a tool that I can quickly leverage to make a spatial join, so I worked on building it. Enter ndjson-spatial:

spatial metrics on two tables

Distance to nearest Junior College from centroid of Block Group, Minnesota

ndjson spatial tool gif

Thematic Map showing distance to nearest Junior College multiplied by population estimate

choropleth of MN distance to nearest junior college